Founder Institute: Your Startup is in Session!

Founder istitute

Great start to the first session of the Spring 2016 Class yesterday.

Special thanks to the following mentors, Paul Polizzotto, Katy Kasmai and Matt Mandell for not only teaching us the reality of entrepreneurship but for inspiring us to follow our passion, be moonshot thinkers and to be laser focused.

Mentors at Founder for first spring 2016 session

Here are some quick key takeaways from each mentor:

Follow your passion to solve a problem you faced first hand: Paul showed us how his passion for surfing and having his health impacted by polluted oceans led him to his first venture, Adopt a Waterway Program, which later transformed into an Ad model platform for non-profits, EcoMedia.

Be moonshot thinkers: Katy taught us to have a moonshot thinking (exponential growth) mindset and how having an impactful team is necessary to achieve moonshot.

An impactful team should have the following:

  • a clear elevating goal
  • unified commitment
  • collaborative climate
  • standards of excellence



Also, in an impactful team, there is no TOP.  You’re all there together!


Be laser focused: Matt gave us key insights on how to be laser focused, for example listing your 3 DAILY WINS.

Come up with 3 short term or long term measurable goals that you would like to achieve. Ex. I want to grow my social media network by 10% by the end of the month.Each day visit those goals and carry out the necessary activities to meet those goals.

Secondly, outsource your weaknesses and focus on what you are great at.

Third, buy a bottle of vitamin D3 5000/10000 IU. You could never get enough and it’s a great boost in energy.  Katy (single mom who owns 3 businesses and works at Google) also strongly recommends this or herbal iron.

I’ve already taken my dosage of D3 and iron today! 🙂




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