A Mental Image Becomes a Reality!



My name is Borislav and I am from Bulgaria.  After spending 10 years working in China and completing my masters in Madrid, I now spend most of my free time traveling the world.  New York City is one of my favorite cities to visit.  But while I love to take casual pictures of friends and of the city’s skyline in Time Square, I do not like the stares and jeers given to us tourists.

If only there was a way to be a tourist but not promote the “camp hat, huge camera and always stopping, pointing and aiming” persona.  Reaching for my camera every time a good shot appears can be inconvenient and holding my camera in my hands can become burdensome and even susceptible to theft.  I need a solution!



My name is Paul and I am from Madrid, Spain.  I am excited about my new camera! Take a peek at my new 15MP with 16x digital zoom!  If you can’t tell by my photo, that is because I am wearing it!  Yes, my sunglasses and my camera are one: more than just shades, more than a camera.

The people who revolutionized this product really thought it out and implemented the right technology to make it work! For example, the lenses of the sunglasses are also the lenses of the camera.  The focus and the zoom function of the camera are sensitive to the movement of the eyes.  Movement detection scanners built into the lenses and frames make the camera zoom in when both the bottom and top eyelids (of the left and right eyes) are widened and zoom out when they are narrowed. The use of both the left and right lenses of the sunglasses as camera lenses equates to the functionality of  a 135mm lens reaching digital zoom levels up to 16x + without sacrificing resolution. The LCD screen menu of the camera is located translucently on the inside of the lenses of the sunglasses so they that they can only be seen by the person wearing the glasses.

What gets me even more excited is when I snap a photo simply by blinking both eyes (duration of 1 second). Ever heard of taking a mental image of something? Well, it seems this product is doing just that! The only difference is that you have a backup of your mental photo on a removal micro SD card that is placed in the frame. How convenient! If you are a novice or a hotshot photographer, there is no need for your Canon Powershot or your Canon EOS Digital SLR when you travel. These shades will do just fine.

What amazes me is that this digital zoom technology could possibly replace prescription glasses some day.  The lenses also adjust to your prescription automatically regardless of who puts them on and can zoom in and out at your choice to capture the perfect picture.  Truly magnificent! I don’t think I will ever miss the perfect shot. I love my city and even though I live in Madrid, there are still new and unique things that I find aesthetically appealing.  I don’t always carry a camera with me but now I can take photos of my city while maintaining my cool reputation.

What if?

What if IDEO creates a product that revolutionizes the way we see and capture our most treasured moments?  What if capturing the moment was as easy as a blink of an eye?  What if you can snap away on your camera in a big city and not be

Taking a mental photo

categorized as a tourist?  What if you are no longer bummed about that funny incident you missed on your way to work or that beautiful sunset on the horizon you failed to capture because you didn’t have your camera?

What if IDEO eliminates the need for prescription glasses and makes eyewear that automatically caters to your optical needs?  What if the device also allows FULL HD video capture at resolutions up to 1920 x 1080?

What if IDEO creates such a device; quality sunglasses/eyewear with state of the art camera and video functions? Isn’t this something worth taking a mental image of? What if?


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