TIME TO ACT Ladies and Gentlemen!

Gun violence has lasted for too long. And it has to stop. No developed country has experienced as many mass killings as the United States in the past 50 years — in fact, no country even comes close. Now is the time to act, and it starts with your voice. If you contribute, volunteer, or … Continue reading

I really like this concept. I wonder if it works without a carrier plan. In other words, get a supported BB for full price and you are good to go for UNLIMITED VOWIFi as long as you can have access to WIFI.

Home appliances are getting smarter!

I can’t but think about the connected home, home appliances that are connected via WiFi and can produce valuable information that you can access via smartphone or Tablet. How cool is this?! Take for example the LG Smart Thinq refridgerator. It tells you what food you have and when contents are low. Soon, perhaps an … Continue reading

RadioMee App Review

I am a big fan of music. Whatever I do- workout, eat, travel, play or work, I do with music. It is my motivation. When I worked at Verizon Wireless in New Jersey, I used to drive a lot and listen to music on my car’s radio. Now that I am back working in NYC … Continue reading

A Mental Image Becomes a Reality!

Zdravei! My name is Borislav and I am from Bulgaria.  After spending 10 years working in China and completing my masters in Madrid, I now spend most of my free time traveling the world.  New York City is one of my favorite cities to visit.  But while I love to take casual pictures of friends … Continue reading

Vodafone’s Club2020-PUSH or PULL?

Whether Club2020 is a PULL or PUSH strategy could be quite controversial.  Despite of what was mentioned in the presentation, what do you think? It is easy to see that Clube2020 could be both a PUSH and a PULL strategy based on the fact that advertisers push advertising to the users after the users pull  … Continue reading